We are woodworkers and carpenters and designers. Our raw material is history: the wood of our city’s past. If you live here, you probably know our work. You may have set your Dortmunder down on a bar in one of our city’s great restaurants – a bar we made from old-growth heartwood. We’re obsessive to a fault; One-sixteenth off is still off.
We want the things we make to live up to the standards of their materials. We make conference tables, wall panels, desks, bookshelves, chairs and bars, but most of all we make the future out of the past. That’s why every piece comes with a rebirth certificate. You can see our work in the gallery on this site, rebirth certificates and all.

Furniture should
come with a story

not cheap tools and an instruction manual
We wanted to grow up to be superheroes and save the world. We ended up saving wood.
Chris Kious
We build the future out of the raw materials of our city’s past.
Chris Parrish
Wood never rusts, even in the Rust Belt.
Adam Smith
I’m obsessive to a fault. One-sixteenth off is still off.
Tom Hennessy
Place:Glenville Neighborhood, Cleveland
Species:Maple, Birch, Pine
Reborn:2010, Private Residence in Hudson, Ohio
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Place:St. Clair-Superior, Collinwood, Slavic Village, Glenville, and Buckeye neighborhoods of Cleveland.
Species:Pine, Oak
Reborn:2010, Pura Vida by Brandt Evans, Downtown Cleveland
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Place:Elwell-Parker Industrial Park
Species:Southern Yellow Pine
Reborn:2012, Eddie Cerino’s Casual Italian, Lakewood, Ohio
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Place:Elwell-Parker Industrial Park
Species:Southern Yellow Pine
Reborn:2012, Eddie Cerino’s Casual Italian, Lakewood, Ohio
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When we were kids, we wanted to grow up to be superheroes and save the world. We ended up saving wood. But, hey, that’s something. The wood we rescue, you can't get wood like it anymore. First cut pine, maple and oak that grew for generations. As strong as iron, and so much more beautiful.
We work with a variety of partners to keep this wood out of landfills. We do it out of respect for the people who cut that wood a century ago by hand. And we do it out of respect for the future: by creating new things out of old, we can save more of today’s resources for tomorrow.

by Deconstruction
  • Q: Who is your ideal customer?

    A: APOC and our customers share the same values: a reverence for history, legacy, old-growth lumber, and a desire to do good while doing something cool. Our ideal customer considers oneself a hero and champion for the lost art of conserving valuable woods.

  • Q: Do you sell wood, doors, windows and other architectural fixtures?

    A: No. We love saving and upcycling good wood, and we are firmly in the zero waste camp. While harvesting good wood for our products, we remove windows, doors and fixtures to donate to the local Habitat for Humanity. They sell them at their ReStores. APOC sells upcycled wood in the form of tables, counters, wall panels and other custom furniture.

  • Q: Do you buy wood? Will you tear down my house? It’s made of good wood ...

    A: Yes. APOC purchases reclaimed wood in large quantities. If you have 1,000 board feet of de-nailed, reclaimed old-growth wood ready to ship to our shop, please contact us. Otherwise, we can offer to deconstruct your structure, for a fee. We can help achieve the recovery rates you are looking for. A deconstruction contract is rarely more expensive than a demolition contract.

  • Q: How does it work?

    A: Contact our team via email about your project. Be specific about your needs in terms of form, function and timing. With this information, our team will immediately get to work on an estimate for you.

  • Q: What are your terms for a custom piece of furniture?

    A: APOC is a custom woodshop. We have fabricated every possible item at least once. Our terms have changed over the years, but they remain simple.

  • Q: Does APOC accept volunteers or interns?

    A: We love the energy that our volunteers and interns have brought to the shop over the years. APOC has many opportunities for those interested in joining our movement to add value to the history and character of reclaimed wood.

Lead Times: Normal production lead time for custom orders is 3-8 weeks. Orders may not be canceled and deposits will not be refunded due to delivery outside of normal production schedules.

Furniture Size: The customer is responsible for knowing that the elevators, stairwells, corridors and doorways of his/her house or apartment will permit normal delivery. We are not responsible for furniture that does not fit, and we will not give refunds if this occurs.

Variations: Color and grain variations are natural characteristics of steel and wood and will differ from piece to piece. The natural qualities of your furniture may vary from samples.

Payment: Sales of less than $2,000 must be paid in full at time of purchase. Sales greater than $2,000 require a 50% deposit at time of order, with the remainder to be paid prior to delivery. Delivery cannot be scheduled until full payment has been received.

Delivery and Installation: Local delivery fees are determined and charged before the final invoice is sent. Long-distance delivery fees must be determined by quote. Charges apply to additional walk-ups. Installation is not included and will be billed and added to the final invoice.

Cancellation: Our furniture is made to order and not subject to changes or cancellation after 72 hours from time of purchase. Deposits are not refundable after this three-day period.

Custom Pieces: Fabrication on custom pieces does not begin until a final drawing has been signed.

Pine is the lifeblood of APOC. We thrive on the upcycling of this precious material forested at the turn of the last century when it was already 100+ years old. Today, this old-growth material boasts a strength rivaling many hardwoods, including oak. In an effort to preserve this irreplaceable material and the unique history of its sources, we harvest this wood from homes destined for the wrecking ball.

While we prefer to leave old-growth pine in its natural state, we’ve applied all sorts of colors and finishes to complement various projects.

Nail holes may be exposed and difficult to avoid. All nail holes are filled with epoxy per specification.

Butcher Block



Our reclaimed maple is most commonly used in countertops, tabletops and wall paneling.

Stains are easily applied and matched per specification. Nail holes can be hidden or exposed per specification.

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We specialize in manufacturing slabs of reclaimed oak for countertops and tabletops.

This wood looks beautiful in its natural state, but takes many stains well.

Nail holes can be hidden or exposed per specification.

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End grain reveals the unique character of each piece of wood. Rings of growth represent years of history. This distinguished look will instantly bring character and depth to your project. Easily installed in 2’ x 4’ sheets, designs can be made in a variety of orientations.

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We have specialized in commercial wall applications for the past five years. Our reclaimed wood projects can be found in reception areas, employee break rooms, conference rooms and offices throughout the country.

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